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Presentation By Dr. Lubuya

Presentation By Dr. Lubuya

On June 13, 2024, at the Kenya Institute of Primate Research (KIPRE), Dr. Lubuya from the Kenya Snakebite Research and Intervention Centre (K-SRIC) delivered a captivating presentation on the intriguing world of snakes. The session began with an introduction to the classification of venomous species, highlighting their unique characteristics and fascinating features.

Dr. Lubuya delved into the venom composition of elapid, viperid, and colubrid snakes, providing attendees with detailed insights into the complex pathology, clinical signs, and symptoms caused by their potent toxins. The presentation culminated in an in-depth examination of the pathogenesis of venom-induced pathology, offering a comprehensive understanding of how these toxins impact the body. The event was an enlightening experience, deepening our appreciation for these remarkable creatures and enhancing our knowledge of the intricate effects of snake venom.

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