Kenya Snakebite Research and intervention center (K-SRIC), situated within the Institute of Primate Research (IPR), is a center of excellence in snakebite research and Interventions. K-SRIC’s key strategic objective is to undertake multi-disciplinary research activities leading to better diagnosis and therapies for snakebite, while working towards community-based model intervention systems with the primary goal of saving the lives and limbs of those afflicted with snakebites.



Snakebite is a WHO-listed Neglected Tropical Disease that kills 32,000 people residing in some of the most disadvantaged rural communities of sub-Saharan Africa and leaves over 90,000 surviving victims with permanent physical disabilities/disfigurements. 

The most economically -important and educationally-vulnerable 10-30-year old suffer the highest rates of snakebite mortality and morbidity. 

It is envisaged that K-SRIC’s research, intervention systems and protocols will significantly improve snakebite management in Kenya and could be adopted throughout sub-Saharan Africa to reduce the continents high levels of snakebite-induced death and disability.

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